Welcome To K9 Physio

Physiotherapy is a science based profession specialising in the prevention and treatment of muscle, ligament, tendon, joint and neurological conditions that affect movement and function.

The purpose of Physiotherapy is to restore and maintain:

  • Mobility
  • Function
  • Independence
  • Performance

Animals respond to Physiotherapy like people and many of the same treatment options can be used.

Physiotherapy should never be substituted for Veterinary treatment, it should be seen as an adjunct. A close working relationship between your Physiotherapist, Vet and other professionals is essential to provide the most effective and appropriate care for your animal.

Registration & Booking

Sessions are by appointment only and all clients are required to register.

The Registration process is quite simple, just follow these steps:

  • Fully read our Terms and Conditions
  • Contact k9 Hydrotherapy to discuss your dog's requirements, charges and to make an initial appointment.
  • Complete the Registration Forms, ensuring that you get your vet to complete and sign the veterinary consent; we cannot accept your registration without it.
  • Bring the completed registration and consent forms along with your dog's vaccination certificate when you attend your first appointment or e-mail this prior to your visit to admin@k9healthcentre.com

  • Call Us On 01224 782 717 Or Email Us For More Details.