Teeth, Nail, Ear & General Care

Pets need their nails trimmed, their teeth brushed and their ears cleaned on a regular basis. A routine of regularly scheduled professional offerings from a Grooming Pawfection Pet Stylist can help alert you to any problems that may require additional care. No appointment is needed. We're open Mon - Fri with early morning and evening hours and at the weekend by arrangement, so it's convenient to keep your pet healthy, happy and groomed.


A time-saving trio of Nail Trimming, Nail Grinding and Ear Cleaning services that's convenient for you and your pet.

Nail Grinding and Ear Cleaning

A two-step service for a pet that's healthy head to toe.

Nail Grinding

Reduces scratches on hardwood floors, furniture and you.

Nail Trimming

Prevents painful splaying and splitting of the nails.

Ear Cleaning

Reduces build-up and helps prevent infection.

Teeth Brushing

Cleans teeth and freshens breath for a healthy smile.

Anal Glands

Expresses excess fluid from the anal glands, keeping your dog healthy.